Top Online Learning Trends You Need To Eye On In 2020

E-learning came to existence as a technique to familiarise face-to-face learning for students. More and more learning apps and education system are approaching this great modern-day learning technique.

The education world finds it a reliable way to deliver online lectures, track students' progress, and support them for good academic performance. More students are now enrolling in virtual classrooms and take online classes, give assignments, and attend live lectures to clear doubts and prepare for their higher education. Even educators can connect with students instantly and create engaging learning materials along with personalized instructions.

Digital learning and teaching have become very popular in the last few years, and there is no turning back in the near future for this amazing technique. Thus, it becomes vital to keep an eye on the latest e-learning trends.

Few trends to follow in 2020 for a better e-learning concept:

Video Lectures

Video lectures are visually appealing, interactive, and preferred modes of gaining knowledge over physical studies. It's the latest trend and loved by many learners. Many universities, institutes, or learning apps like Ekeeda provide online engineering courses from expert faculty. Students can watch a video at their own pace and place to learn engineering. They can watch it how many times it's necessary until they are clear with the concept - without letting the class wait or delay in completing the portion. Even faculties find it easier to curate content for their lessons, provide their expertise, and make it available through online lectures. Interactive and high-quality online videos shift the students from a passive receiver to an active learner through the process. The benefit for online lectures is that it holds student's attention longer and, thus, retains them to make efficient use of video learning.

Game-Based Learning

Although, you may feel it's an old school technique; however, it has overcome the crossword puzzle status and developed into an actual pillar for digital learning. Today, education institutes and learning apps make efficient use of gamification to curate online learning content that drives successful results. Overall, the gamified learning technique will make the content more engaging, boost the analyzing skills of the learners, and motivates them. Also, gaming-based studies will help foster a challenging and intensive learning experience for young aspirants. Gamification drivers engagement and reduces the online course dropout rates.

Social Based Learning

Although students learn topics from online faculty or teachers; however, they also gain knowledge from their peers. There are online communities and forums where students can communicate with their peers when they get stuck with any problems in their learning journey. They can share screens, messaging apps, and other social modes for attaining knowledge. Online community learning has become popular in the educational environment. It encourages students to identify and understand their learning problems and develop healthier solutions for them. It assures better academic performance, develops an interest in learning and deeper commitment towards their higher education.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Learning

Artificial Intelligence is quickly intercepting our day-to-day lives, and it has great potential to give the best teaching experience. It will assist the faculty in planning online lectures, deliver adaptive learning, help students in education, and so on. AI-powered models use algorithms for collective learning and then develop a definite answer to your regular learning problems. The data it receives will be used to map out the learner's behaviour, the questions out of curiosity and derive insights that will create highly personalized and engaging learning paths for every student. This way, learning apps can derive crucial information to design user-friendly online lectures and courses for students. They can enjoy studying engineering and make the most of out the lectures and course materials. It's a technique that is fast becoming an integral part of our lives.

Expressive Learning

Students can easily lose focus in this world of interruptions, and therefore we need to develop a creative learning environment for them. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) is the new-age impressive solution that will come to support the learning apps and educators. It will provide content that gives a unique and highly enticing learning experience to the students. With intriguing pictures and graphics, the AR technique will help to augment the learning material for the students. It will helpweb services and learning apps to deliver a truly creative and fantastic learning experience that will thrill the e-learners. VR curates content for the theoretical part of learning in a rich, immersive way. It helps students understand complex engineering topics and concepts in an easy way that are otherwise difficult to grasp. VR aims to eliminate the distraction through its impressive gear.

These are few trends that will provide a clue in which direction the e-learning industry will elevate in 2020. Keep a track to know more about trendiest e-learning tools!