Mumbai University Engineering Syllabus

Students from across the country enroll in different engineering courses at Mumbai University every year. Mumbai University offers more than 16+ different branches of engineering courses. The engineering degree program is a four-year course divided into eight semesters. The syllabus for engineering degree differs for different branches of engineering. Students from all the different branches have to complete about 40-46 subjects during the course of completion of the degree. Every semester has about 4-6 subjects with every subject divided into 6 modules based on the vast variety of topics. The entire syllabus is pre-set by the Mumbai University and pertains to the subjects related to each branch of engineering.

There are theory exams, internal exams, practical tests, viva and projects in each semester. Students have to pass individually in all of the above in order to successfully clear a semester. The syllabus is designed to test the students’ ability to apply the theoretical knowledge and concepts to practical real-life problems.

Like all professional courses, the various subjects in engineering degree have no predetermined set of textbooks for. Students usually refer to certain well-renowned reference books by trusted and experienced authors based on the suggestions given by their professors.

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