How to choose the best engineering college?

Engineering is one of the most preferred career choices amongst the young aspirants in India. It weighted equally with professions like Lawyers, Architects, Doctors, etc. India produces around 1.5 to 2 million engineers every year – a massive amount of innovative minds, techniques and integrated solutions for the complexities of our life.

However, there are a plethora of options to choose from, and at times you must be confused to select the ideal engineering course and college. Also, you would look to choose the best engineering college as per your calibre and financial capacity. Correct? But how to make an ideal choice for you? Since it’s a four year of an educational journey in your life, it's important you research and plan well. So, here are a few tips that will help you make the best engineering college choice:

Know your type of college

Although, IIT, BITS, VIT, NIT seem to provide similar education; however, there is a vast difference amongst each other. You will find different type of engineering colleges in India. There are university colleges – like VJTI, Saboo Sidhik, government engineering colleges – college of engineering, Pune, IIT, Bombay, Professional colleges like Watmull Institute, Thadomal Sahani, and lastly private engineering colleges such as K.J. Somaiya, Vidyalankar Institute, etc. Well, the list is quite long. You will have to pick the college as per your area of interest, scores and financial capability. The fee structure differs massively from government and private colleges. Of course, private colleges will always have the edge over government ones due to a highly professional environment and better learning facility.

Identify your goals & career choice.

There are a lot of engineering disciplines, and it’s important to figure out the ones based on your interest and aptitude skills. You can research about the colleges that specialize in your area of interest. Try to project your professional life once you complete the studies. You should visualize whether you want to take a service or start/run your own or family business. If you're going to fly abroad for further studies, then your scores should speak for you. You will easily secure admission in top-notch engineering college abroad. Try and make a better discipline decision!

Eye on the engineering field

Engineering is vast; within a course, you’ll find hundreds of departments. Engineering comprises of main branches under chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and system engineering. Based on these verticals, there will be sub-branches. So, if you eye a career in a particular field, then you won’t have difficulty in choosing the branch. Alternatively, you can select a branch depending on your skills.

Verify the college reputation

There are numerous engineering colleges in India and thanks to the internet - Today, information for various colleges is just a click of a button away! You can find college grade and student reviews online. You should choose a college based on faculty, fee structure, location, placement rating, facilities, result percentage, your desired field, and most importantly teaching standards.

Keep a flexible approach.

While every individual aspires to learn from IITs or prestigious engineering colleges; however, securing admission in IIT is not an easy task. But this shouldn't dampen your spirits of becoming an engineer. You can fix a college based on its grade and faculty experience. This way, you’ll be assured that you will get quality teaching from the engineering college you pick on.

Thus, these simple tips will help you choose the best engineering college with just a click of a button on your computers and smartphones. First, understand what professional goals you want to achieve, select the type of engineering you wish to pursue, choose a branch and finally hunt down the colleges.

Even if you don't get admission in top-tier College or IITs, you can still choose a college as per grade and financial capacity. Of course, for quality studies, online engineering apps are at your fingertips.

You can download an engineering app and learn your subjects from superior videos and online study materials anytime, anywhere!