Most of the students are busy in going through their notes, studying the whole night and try to memorize formulae. Is this the right approach for the NEET exam preparation? Read the last minute preparation tips for NEET.

Know NEET Syllabus and Examination

The syllabus of NEET is so vast and extensive. That is why you just need to ensure that you know the curriculum appropriately. You must also need to know the entire lesson wise marks breakup. As the competition is so tough, it is so important that you go through the topics thoroughly. Apart from this,
you should revise the most critical topics more than once.

Stay focused on NCERT

The best way to clear the NEET exam is NCERT. The exam is based on NCERT. NCERT syllabus is completely based on NEET, and it is solely suggested by CBSE. You can also compare the NEET syllabus with the 12th board exam syllabus. You should restrict yourself to the textbooks of NCERT for your last
minute preparation.

Practice from Previous Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers

The questions from the previous year questions are mostly found in NEET papers. As history repeats itself. Sample papers will provide you with the relevant information as per the latest trend of the pattern. Always keep in mind that you have to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes. That means you only have 1 minute to answer each question. That the reason, solving these papers will help you in managing the time. It also helps to know about the strong and weak areas.

Write down Important Formulae

You should learn all the necessary formulae. Use the formulae in question and practice it by writing. Revise the formulae as frequently as much as possible.

Don’t take up new topics

Never look up for the new topic at the last time. At this stage of time, you don’t have time to cover any new topic. You should be completely done with all your preparation by that time.

Focus more on Diagrams/Graphs rather than theory

Graphs and diagrams play a very important role to revise and recall inter-related concepts in short duration of time. And this can also be helpful when revising the biology section.

Relax, Be Calm and Stay Healthy

Always keep calm and relax, this is very important as most of the students tend to worry at last minute. Remember you are human not a machine. You should listen to songs, practice yoga and take breaks. Take proper meal and avoid street food.

Electricity is everywhere, it shines our way, and cooks our food. Without electricity, none of this would be possible. So, here are the some of the essential concepts of basic electrical engineering.


The flow of charge is known as current. There are mainly two types of current, one is direct current(DC), and other is alternating current(AC). Direct current is that that only flows in one direction at a constant voltage while alternating current is a current that changes its direction periodically.


Power is defined as the rate of energy which is transformed or transferred over the time. The unit of power is joules/seconds, which is also known as Watts.

Ohm’s Law

The most important and fundamental law of electricity is Ohm’s Law, or we can say V=IR, where V is a voltage which means the difference between two charges. Moreover, it is the measurement of work which is required to move a unit charge between two points. Whenever we see a value of such as 10 Volts, it is a measurement of the potential difference between two points.

Series and Parallel Circuits

Series are those circuits which are connected in line with the source of power. The current in the series circuits is constant, but the voltage may vary.
Parallel circuits are those who get off from the power supply. The total current which is supplied from the source of power is divided among each of the branches, but voltage always remains common.

Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL)

This voltage principle is also one of the critical law in the basic electrical engineering concepts. This law
states that the sum of voltages in a closed set of look is always equal to zero.

Power Equation

One last equation which is more useful to remember is the power equation, which combined with the Ohm’s law to solve the values which are unknown. P=IE, where P is the power which is measured in Watts, I am the current and E stands for voltage.


Here are the some of the essential and fundamental concepts of electrical engineering which an electrical engineer should know. If you want to know more in deep about electrical engineering, you can go to and can start learning today!!

Ekeeda - Interview Tips

If you are looking for a job, then you surely understand that how much difficult nowadays to catch the attention of the recruiter. In the today market scenario, you need to present yourself more than just as the required qualification to get hired for the job. But what are the things that the recruiter look for in the potential candidate? So, here are the some of the qualities that will surely make the most significant impression in the eye of the recruiter:

PassionThe recruiter would be so happy to know to have an employee who is passionate about his job/work, about the services or product they deliver. Someone who acts looks and speaks like a real ambassador. Someone who can attract clients and get the fantastic feedback from the clients.


Teamwork plays a significant role in the organisation. Every recruiter looks for a candidate having a good team spirit. Having a teamwork approach helps in the following benefits of the company: desirable targets will be achieved with timely deliveries, right working environment, more productivity, more positivity, and the goals of the organisation will be completed quickly.


Communication is the primary factor for the growth in the organisation. Recruiter always looks for a candidate who has excellent communication skills. Someone who knows how to communicate appropriately in any circumstances no matter whether it would be verbally with the help of phone or face to face or in writing. Effective communication helps in the proper functioning and growth of the company.

Must be a Problem solver

A problem solver is a person who exactly knows how to tackle and solve the problem during certain sort of conditions. The recruiter wants a candidate who thinks out of the box solutions for the problems and not just only the employee who just give suggestions to the company.

You are quick to learn new things

In the today market scenario, both the jobs and corporate are drastically changing, and the employee must have to adapt this. And with changing rise, it is so important to be able to learn different skills. Learning about the subject that does not match the current background is a great way to highlight your ability according to the job market demand.

Ekeeda - for Online Engineering Courses and Video Lectures

Each and every person wants to receive the best education to achieve his aim of life. So, here are the top websites where the student or professionals can learn online with the help of video lectures:


Edx is the website which was founded by the students of Harvard University and MIT in 2012 which provide online tutorials and video for engineering as well as in all sort of domains. EdX is an online destination for learning, which offers higher quality courses from the top world universities and institutions.

NPTEL Website

This is an Indian website which provides the video tutorials to learn the key concepts of engineering. This platform is built by the professors of 7 IISc, Bangalore and IIT.

NPTEL videos:

Here it consists of video courses which are organized in the form of a PLAYLIST which is merely distinguished by various major categories.

NPTEL web:

Here it consists of all the web courses which are collected in the form of LISTS of major categories.


Ekeeda is an excellent engineering portal providing online engineering courses like Civil Engineering Courses, Mechanical engineering courses etc. of any university in low prices with discount offers. We presents online engineering video lectures too in a wide range of subjects of all semester’s. You can get online engineering courses and video lectures of civil, mechanical, automobile, production, biomedical, architectural, IT, Chemical, electrical and Electronics engineering courses online. This is an unique engineering website selling online engineering courses and video lectures. Their online engineering videos, lectures and tutorials are easy to grasp, the faculty teaching is also well versed with the subject matter. Ekeeda provides online engineering courses and lectures in an affordable fees which will be budget friendly for them, with the help of the online engineering courses, video materials, lectures, tutorials provided by Ekeeda which has inputs from the professionals in their respective fields you can not only become an expert in your field with the subject knowledge that you have but also be mentally and spiritually enlightened.

Williamson Labs

From this website, the user can grab the fundamental and very basic tutorials related to electrical and electronic instruments. Their website is very colorful and exciting which can be easily used by the people to learn and gather the basic concepts of engineering and to create a strong base for their future.

The Video Channel of BERKELEY EDU

This video channel provides the best collections of video lectures which will be extremely helpful for the aspirants of engineering students for the preparation of GATE because the people who had made this website, had won 4 Pulitzer prize, awarded 32 MacArthur fellows and 8 Nobel Laureates. The video programs of Berkeley are considered among the top 10 programs of the world.

Khan Academy

This online website provides user with the large collection of the study material at free of cost which is not just available to read online but also the user can download them for free, this means the user can store them to read in prospects without the help of the internet, and can also share with the friends.  This website is a very useful source of information for the engineering aspirants, as this website contains video tutorials on the large variety of topics which contains programming languages as well. This website is among the very few websites which offer the user to download the tutorials at free of cost.

Exams are just going to come, and it’s the time when you need to maintain your time to study hard and get good grades. To help you with this, here are the top ten lists of tips and tricks for staying on track:

  • Make a timetable and merely stick to it. It is not mainly possible to plan for every minute around studying for the exams, but try your best.
  • Always make a “to-do” list before the night or in the morning. This will helps you in keep your mind focused on the task which is most important.
  • Set a deadline for yourself. This will surely help you to keep the track on the long-term basis.
  • Make sure to save a lot a time for the things like shopping, eating, or any other extra stuff. And the things which are not necessary can be avoided because it’s the exam time.
  • Take proper sleep. Lack of sleep is a serious cause of stress in exams. If you think that you will achieve more when you sleep less, but things are always not that simple.
  • Always leave some time for relaxation otherwise your brain won’t be able to retain any of the stuff of your learning.
  • Use a watch timer to keep track on the time with each task of study. Likewise if you can read 20 pages in an hour, allow one hour to it, otherwise you may find yourself still staring at the book two hours later because you drifted off.
  • Practice writing quickly. Before the exams always try to solve the model question papers of the exams as it helps to know about the patter of paper which is going to come in exam and also helps to write quickly in exam.
  • Focus on what you have to study and not what you don’t have to. It is easy to study for the exams which you like. Exploring the concept in which you are already confident in is less challenging than studying the concepts which you find the most difficult, as the brain will have to work less to learn this sort of information.
  • Always try to make a study system. A study system is a simple list of steps that you can make while studying. This list must start with the 4-5 things, but over time it becomes more complex as you add more steps to it.

Ekeeda always focuses to keep you safe during the exam periods. It is a lecture resource for engineering students to get extra coaching of that particular subject. Ekeeda provides Online Engineering Courses like Civil Engineering Courses Online, Mechanical Engineering Courses Online and many more for any university in India and video lectures too for all topics and chapters of all engineering semester’s subjects. We care for your engineering career through engineering study which should be in an appropriate way and therefore we are providing a maximum limit of lecture quality which has expert’s inputs that have vast experience in their respective careers.

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