Visvesvaraya Technological University Online Engineering Courses

About the University

The Visvesvaraya Technological University was established in 1988 to provide higher technical education facilities in Karnataka. It got recognized as a public collegiate state university in 1994.

Visvesvaraya Technological University has jurisdiction over almost all institutions in Karnataka offering engineering courses. The VTU University is one of the largest in India with 218 colleges affiliated. It has various research centres associated with its different departments. It has 16 affiliated colleges that receive assistance from the World Bank for setting up campus facilities, state-of-the-art labs, and research centres.

The vision of Visvesvaraya Technological University is to become the best Technological University in the country offering that produces world-class knowledge-delivery, research, and leadership in technology innovation for industry and society.

The VTU University Belgaum has its mission to work towards the development of technical education, to establish need-based education in technology and encourage the training of necessary skills in engineering, with a view to generating qualified and competent human resource, responsive to technological and societal needs.

Courses offered by the University

The VTU University Belgaum offers 30 undergraduate and 71 postgraduate courses in technical and management fields.

The VTU University Belgaum has courses on Dental Studies, Computer Application, etc. When it comes to technical courses, the University offers 26 undergraduate programs in Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in the following streams:

1.      Automobile Engineering

2.      Electrical and Electronics Engineering

3.      Electronics and Communication Engineering

4.      Telecommunication Engineering

5.      Ceramics and Cement Technology

6.      Environmental Engineering

7.      Chemical Engineering

8.      Silk Technology

9.      Textile Technology

10.  Polymer Science and Technology

11.  Industrial Engineering

12.  Industrial and Production Engineering

13.  Manufacturing Science and Engineering

14.  Biomedical Engineering

15.  Information Science and Engineering

16.  Mechanical Engineering

17.  Computer Engineering

18.  Civil Engineering

19.  Biotechnology

20.  Instrumentation Technology

21.  Medical Electronics

22.  Aeronautical Engineering

23.  Mining Engineering

24.  Printing Technology

25.  Tool Engineering

26.  Mechatronics Engineering

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