Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education Online Engineering Courses

About the University

The Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education was established in Agalakote, Tumkur in 2008 to provide higher technical education facilities in Southern Karnataka. It is a private collegiate ‘Deemed to be University’.

The SAHE University has various research centers associated with its different departments. Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology is an affiliated college that receives assistance from the World Bank for setting up state-of-the-art labs, campus facilities, and research centers.

The vision of Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education is to help education reach the unreached and to train the youth to be morally responsible to the community and serve the society to their utmost ability. They believe that knowledge improves the quality of life and also builds good character to improve society.

The SAHE University has its mission to provide a congenial ambience for learning and creativity in young minds and prepare students to be citizens of the world, proficient in their chosen field and to respond positively to the needs of the society in which they live.

Courses offered by the University

The SAHE University offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Medicine and Technology.

The University has courses on Dental Studies, Computer Application, etc. When it comes to technical courses, the University offers 10 undergraduate programs in Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in the following streams:

1.      Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2.      Electronics and Communication Engineering

3.      Industrial Engineering

4.      Information Science and Engineering

5.      Mechanical Engineering

6.      Medical Electronics and Engineering

7.      Tele-Communication Engineering

8.      Computer Engineering

9.      Civil Engineering

10.  Biotechnology

How Ekeeda can help

Ekeeda is an online platform set up exclusively for engineering students.  It includes numerous online lectures and tutorials of professional courses for every branch of engineering.

Ekeeda is a comprehensive education portal providing online engineering courses and video lectures related to all topics and chapters for all subjects of every semester of engineering. The online video lectures of different engineering subjects are very easy to grasp. The teaching faculty is proficient and competent. The simplified way of teaching makes it very easy to understand all topics.

Ekeeda ensures the quality in terms of understanding the technical concepts to students by providing industry standard online engineering courses. Audio-visual mode of teaching makes topics interesting and easy to remember. It also helps you to understand the topics in a better manner as it directly registers into the brain.

Ekeeda provides tutorials for the complete engineering curriculum and professional courses. Special attention is given to the quality in terms of understanding the technical aspects of all topics so that the students can recollect concepts anytime without difficulty. At the same time, students are prepared to write exams and face interviews confidently.

SAHE University provides many video courses with the help of Ekeeda for their engineering courses. For example, Applied Mathematics is an essential subject for all branches of Engineering. Ekeeda offers complete knowledge of applied mathematics starting from complex numbers, the algebra and how they are implemented in various engineering problems.

In the case of branches like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, etc., Ekeeda has many online videos where you will find the different theories explained in detail. There are videos with examples of solved problems and after going through the videos, it is very easy to understand topics from the books. In that way, your problem-solving capability is increased.

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