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Established in 2004, Solapur University is a hub of various academic and research institutions. Prior to the formation of the University, it was a center for post-graduate studies. Although the Government of Maharashtra has allocated 500 acres to the University, the current campus is around 35.5 acres. The vision of Solapur University is to become a dynamic center of knowledge that combines high-quality teaching and research with a sense of belonging and commitment to society. The University strives to mold young minds empowered with scientific intellect, entrepreneurial skills, and innovation, in order to prepare them to apply their skills in a highly competitive environment. The University has its mission to create youth of impeccable quality through a combination of knowledge, innovative methods of imparting higher education and cutting-edge research capable enough to fearlessly face the challenges of the ever-changing world scenario and to contribute towards the creation of a compassionate society.

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