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The Lovely Professorial University is located in the city of Phagwara, Punjab-144411. The Lovely International Trust established the University, and it is India's largest-single campus private university. The University believes to be a premier academic institution which would be recognized internationally for its contribution to the education industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, internationalization, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. The University's mission is to transform education through academic rigor, practical orientation, and outcome-based teaching. Also, to develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between the academia and industry. It wants to address the local, national, and global challenges by undertaking impactful research. The University seeks to prepare its graduated with strong leadership and analytical skills and to be lifelong learners, and develop the professional and entrepreneurs with a spirit of innovation, tolerance, and an urge to make a difference to the society. Through 'Transforming India by Transforming Education, the University wants to revive the glory of the ancient Indian education system. By providing an academic ambience, innovative pedagogy of global significance, we prepare our students to succeed in a highly competitive professional environment. It nurtures and grooms the students to make them capable of delivering despite unforeseen challenges of a highly competitive world.

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