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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University is situated in the city of Lonere, Maharastra-402103. The University is a statutory state technical university established the Maharashtra Government. The University believes that good governance is the key to achieve the goals, and keeping it in view the University has established several reforms for the governance practice. For the long term development and growth of the University, it has prepared a strategic plan. A Quality Assurance cell has been set up by the University to monitor the academic and administrative activities regularly to achieve continuous quality improvement. Various technical festivals and professional chapters’ activities being held for the students so that they can learn new things and also several workshops are being conducted on ‘Research Methodology.’ To improve the transition rate, pass rate, employability, and skills several finishing school activities and soft-skill development program are being held for the backward class students and academically weak students. Also to identify weakness in each student specially designed ‘diagnostic test’ is being conducted for new entrants, suitable measures can be taken in future to help the students to address these weaknesses and also this can help them to improve their academic performance. With TEQIP-II support, many research labs, learning resources, and the library have been increased. For the collaborate activities, the industry- institute meet has been organized.

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