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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University is situated in the city of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-695016. Initially, this University is known as Kerala Technological University. The University was established in 2014 to impart leadership for technology-related policy formulation and Engineering Planning for the State. The University believes to be the fountain of innovative thinking in the field of science and technology and venture to be among the best Universities pursuing research and education to produce leaders of tomorrow. The mission of the KTU University is to build schools of learning and research which will pursue as much excellence as possible and as much relevance as is necessary.

The KTU University emphasizes improving the academic standard of the graduates, post-graduates, and research programs in engineering, science, management, and technology. It also acts as a nodal center for the linkages in the field of management, technology, and engineering science with other national and international institution. By suitable extension activities, the KTU University promotes community development, and assists the innovation in the field of engineering sciences, technology, management and institution level management programs in the State, and also improve the learning skills of the students by consistently and continuously improving and upgrading the academic quality and standards of faculty


The Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University offers various UG and PG programs as well as research programs. The following programs are included in their B.Tech and M.Tech programs:

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ship Building


Ekeeda is an online education platform which is specially designed for engineering students. It consists of several online video tutorials for the professional courses of every branch of engineering. Being an online education platform, it strives to provide numerous video classes which comprehensively cover all the subjects of Engineering. The teachers are well- equipped with their method of teaching. Ekeeda ensures quality by providing industry standard engineering courses online so that students can understand the technical part.

It is always fascinating to learn from the audio-visual method of teaching because the concepts get quickly registered into the brain; this also helps the students to recollect them anytime. This method of teaching also helps the students to face their interviews and write their exams with confidence.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) is also known as Kerala Technological University with the help of Ekeeda various video lectures for the engineering courses. For instance, civil engineering is of utmost importance that they should have the necessary knowledge about the construction procedure and the use of mathematics.  The Ekeeda helps the students by providing them with full knowledge about the basic concepts of civil engineering such as designs, construction process, maintenance, etc.

In the case of Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, etc, Ekeeda provides various comprehensive online courses which help the students to briefly know about the different theories and mechanism of the concerned field of engineering. The video tutorials also enable the students who are pursuing engineering to clinch the books furthermore coherently, and in this process increase their problem-solving capacity.

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