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v Objective:

Production processes is an ever-growing, ever-developing field and the most integral part of manufacturing. The subject is included with an objective to help students get acquainted with the basics and to study how to select the appropriate production processes for a specific application.

Production Processes-1 deals with different processes like casting, welding, drilling, etc. This subject is a part of the mechanical, civil, production, automobile and similar branches of engineering. The concepts included in Production Processes are very important in regards to manufacturing and are necessary for working in the industry.

v Syllabus:

The Production Processes syllabus is divided into six modules-

1)      1.1 Metal Casting

1.2 Special Casting Processes

2)      2.1 Joining Processes

3)      3.1 Forming Processes

4)      4.1 Moulding with Polymers

4.2 Moulding with Ceramics

5)      5.1 Classification, Selection and Application of Machine Tools

5.2 Gear Manufacturing

6)      6.1 Modern Machine Tools

6.2 Types of Automatic Machines 

v Study Material: 

Students often use the age-old method of referring to different reference books in order to understand the concepts of Production Processes. But it is difficult to understand a completely new concept by just referring to a book. That is where online educational portals offering tutorials and videos play an important role. It is comparatively easy for students to understand different topics and study a subject in video format! Online courses are regularly updated to provide relevant up-to-date study material. Ekeeda provides online courses for subjects from different branches of engineering. We have experienced professors use the latest technology to provide the best quality content. The video courses are specially designed to ensure the quality in terms of understanding the technical aspect of different topics in order to help students write their exams confidently.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda provides Production Process- 1 course at just Rs. 1500/- for first-year students. The course is designed especially to help students get their basics right and to easily understand Production Processes.

The course contains the entire syllabus of Production Processes with:

ü  Over 160 lectures

ü  10 hours of video

The six modules are further divided into 8 chapters:

1)      Metal Casting

2)      Special Casting Process

3)      Welding Process

4)      Forming Process

5)      Moulding with Polymers and Ceramics

6)      Machine Tools

7)      Gear Manufacturing

8)      Modern Machine Tools

Each chapter is broken down into more than 150 smaller sub-topics to make it easier for students to grasp various concepts. Each video lecture is 2-15 mins in length so that students can understand different concepts in a comprehensive manner. The topics are arranged such that the level of difficulty provides a smooth learning curve for all students.

Ekeeda offers special combo packages on study material and courses for subjects of an entire semester. The video lectures, online tutorials, and subject courses are easily available for all students on Ekeeda.com as well as on our engineering app. This is done so as to enable the students to improve their technical aptitude and make them industry-ready engineers. The lectures are designed to help students in preparing for their engineering exams.

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