v Objective:

There are a number of subjects that are integral to various disciplines and are hence included in the syllabus for various branches of engineering. Operating Systems is a subject common for Computer Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.

Operating Systems deals with the basic functions of a computer like scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals. It provides an interface between the user and the computer hardware. The subject is included with an objective to lay the foundation to computer education and is required for all digital applications.

v Syllabus:

The syllabus of Operating Systems is divided into the following topics-

1)      System Structure

2)      Process Management

3)      Process Coordination

4)      Memory Management

5)      Storage Management

6)      Protection and Security

7)      Case Studies of OS

8)      Advanced Topics

As one of the core subjects of engineering, this course enables students to understand the importance of Operating System, its basic functionalities to manage resources of computer and peripherals, program development and its execution. Students will be acquainted with Process Management, Memory Management, File Management and I/O Management in detail, which will be useful to them for Large Application Development in the engineering field with emphasis given to Linux type of Open Source Operating System. Students will be able to solve Inter-Process Communication problems using Mathematical Equations by various methods, understand Input Output Management, use of Device Driver and Secondary Storage (Disk) Mechanism, compare various Memory Management Schemes, learn File Systems in Operating System like UNIX/Linux and Windows and analyse Security and Protection Mechanism in Operating System. 

v Study Material: 

Students often resort to only referring to books in order to study Operating Systems. But trying to completely understand new concepts by just referring to a book is a monumental task. Online tutorials and video lectures make it comparatively easy for students to understand and study subjects in video format since you can watch and re-watch a video multiple times until you completely understand a topic! When it comes to online engineering courses and tutorials for subjects of different engineering branches, Ekeeda is the most trusted online educational portal by students across the country. All our subject courses are designed to ensure that students understand the technical concepts in order to confidently answer questions and score well in their semester exams.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda offers Operating Systems course for students at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Operating Systems. The course is specially designed to help students comprehend the various concepts and enjoy the subject. Ekeeda offers special combo packages for students on study material and courses for subjects of an entire semester.

The course contains:

ü  Over 160+ lectures

ü  24+ hours of video

Each chapter is divided into smaller sub-topics with videos ranging from 3 mins to 20 mins in length so that students can easily break down the topics and understand them in a much more comprehensive manner. The videos lectures are highly engaging and offer the best learning experience to students.

The online courses and video lectures are easily available on Ekeeda.com for all students. We also have our free engineering mobile app with access to study material from the best professors. This is done with the objective to provide the students with a chance to build a strong foundation for technical knowledge of various subjects along with helping them prepare for their engineering exams. We are tirelessly making dedicated efforts to enhance the online engineering education experience in India by means of our online videos and tutorials.

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