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v Objective:

Linear Control Theory is a subject in the fourth semester of engineering for Mechatronics Engineering and in the fifth semester for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Control theory deals with the behavior of dynamic systems in mathematics and engineering. It provides a systematic approach to feedback control which is central to managing computing systems and data networks.

The subject is included with an objective to provide foundation to control theory on applications in the areas of database systems, real-time systems, virtualized servers, and power management. Linear Control Theory applies to systems made of devices where the output is proportional to the input.  They are governed by linear differential equations.

v Syllabus:

The syllabus of Linear Control Theory is divided into the following topics-

1)      Mathematical Modelling of Physical Systems

2)      Transfer Function, Block Diagram and Signal Flow Graph

3)      Time Response Analysis

4)      Stability and Routh’s Hurwitz Criterion

5)      Root Locus Technique

6)      Frequency Response Analysis

7)      State Space Analysis

8)      Elementary Idea of Compensating Networks and Controller

The subject includes mathematical modelling of mechanical and electrical systems, analogous systems, transfer functions, Mason’s Gain Formula, Routh’s Hurwitz Stability Criterion, etc. The concepts included in Linear Control Theory are used to analyse and design feedback loops. It provides a systematic approach to designing closed loop systems that are stable. 

v Study Material: 

Following traditional methods, students often end up only referring to books in order to study Linear Control Theory. But trying to completely understand mathematical concepts by just referring to a book is a monumental task. Online tutorials and video lectures are much more useful as it is comparatively easy for students to understand and study subjects in video format where you can watch and re-watch a video till you completely understand a topic! Ekeeda is the most trusted educational platform by students across the country when it comes to online engineering courses and tutorials for subjects of different engineering branches. The subject courses are designed to ensure that students understand the technical concepts in order to confidently solve sums and score well in their semester exams.

v Course Details: 

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The course contains:

ü  Over 100+ lectures

ü  34+ hours of video

Each chapter is divided into smaller sub-topics with videos ranging from 3 mins to 20 mins in length so that it is easier for students to break down the topics and understand them in a comprehensive manner. The videos are highly engaging and offer the best learning experience to students.

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