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v Objective:

Electrical Machines and Controls is a subject in the engineering third semester of mechanical engineering. The subject is included with an objective to introduce the basics of electrical engineering to students and help them get acquainted with electrical concepts to solve real-life engineering problems.

As is evident from its name, Electrical Machines and Controls is a subject related to electrical engineering and is included for mechanical engineering students to give a foundation of basic fundamental electrical principles so that they can understand day-to-day engineering problems by applying electrical concepts. The concepts included in Electrical Machines and Controls are used while solving numerical problems and applied in various theorems and laws in different subjects of later years. This makes Electrical Machines and Controls a crucial subject which builds the basic foundation for various electrical concepts throughout the four years of engineering.

v Syllabus:

The syllabus of Electrical Machines and Controls is divided into the following main topics-

1)      Single Phase Transformer

2)      Introduction to Control Systems

3)      Time Response Analysis

4)      Root Locus Technique

The subject deals with constructional features, working principles, laws and network theorems of transformers and control systems. It also includes time response analysis of first and second order systems, transfer functions, transient response specifications, steady state error, rules and techniques of root locus, etc.

v Study Material: 

Students often refer to a number of reference books in order to prepare for Electrical Machines and Controls. But the rapidly advancing technology is transforming the way students can learn various subjects. Now a days, online tutorials and video lectures play a major role in exam preparation for students who find it easier to grasp different topics and study subjects like Electrical Machines and Controls in video format! Unlike traditional printed books, online courses are up-to-date and regularly updated to provide relevant study material. Ekeeda offers online courses of subjects for different branches of engineering. Students are encouraged to adopt different methods of learning along with using the internet for study purposes. The video courses and lectures are designed to ensure the quality in terms of completely understanding the technical aspects of Electrical Machines and Controls in order to help the students to write their exams confidently.

v Course Details: 

Ekeeda provides online course for the engineering students at just Rs. 1500/- with the entire syllabus of Electrical Machines and Controls. The course is designed especially to help students change their attitude towards electrical concepts.

The course contains:

ü  Over 50+ lectures

ü  16+ hours of video

Each chapter is further divided into smaller sub-topics to make it easier for students to grasp different concepts. Each video is 5-30mins in length so that it is convenient for students to break down the topics and understand Electrical Machines and Controls in a thorough manner.

Ekeeda offers special combo packages for engineering students on study material and courses for the entire semester. The online tutorials and video lectures for Electrical Machines and Controls are easily available on Ekeeda.com for engineering students. This is done with the aim to give students a chance to improve their technical knowledge of electrical engineering and provide comprehensive education of engineering concepts.

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