Introduction to Strength of Materials

Introduction to Strength of Materials

  • Strength of Materials also known as Mechanics of Materials  or Solid Mechanics  or Mechanics of deformable bodies. In this subject we study the internal resisting forces developed inside the body which causes deformation in the body. By analyzing this deformation one can obtain the various unknowns such as strength  (also known as stress ) strain, young's modulus and various other mechanical properties which will be discussed later. Here we study  the load withstanding capacity of the body to the externally applied forces.

  • The strength of the material is its ability to withstand applied load without failure. 

  • In this subject we study the following topics which help the students to solve their semester exams and  GATE problems.

  1. Simple stresses , strains  and Thermal stresses

  2. Compound stresses or Principal Stresses

  3. Theories of Failure

  4. Thin and thick cylinders

  5. Shear Force and Bending Moment diagrams

  6. Stresses in beams

  7. Slope and deflection of beams.

  8. Torsion of circular shafts

  9. Buckling of columns  

  10. Energy Methods 

Study of the above topics helps the students to solve GATE problems. Mechanical GATE syllabus also shown here.

GATE ME Syllabus:

Mechanics of Materials:

  • Stress and strain, elastic constants, Poisson's ratio; Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain; thin cylinders; shear force and bending moment diagrams; bending and shear stresses; concept of shear center; deflection of beams; torsion of circular shafts; Euler’s theory of columns; energy methods; thermal stresses; strain gauges and rosettes; testing of materials with universal testing machine; testing of hardness and impact strength.