Network analysis is the branch of electrical engineering that deals with the circuits (containing electrical components) and analysis (solving) of those circuits using different methods and laws.
Ohm's Law: - 

So long as the physical state of the conductor remains the same the potential difference applied between the two ends of the conductor bears a constant ratio to the elastic current passing through it.

V ∝ I
V = IR 
Where , V - Potential Difference 
I - Current 
R - Resistance

Limitations of Ohm’s law:

  • Material of the conductor should be the same.

  • The cross sectional area/dimension of conductor should be the same.

  • The temperature of the conductor should be the same.

  • The characteristics of V-I are nonlinear after a certain value of voltage.

Basic Electrical Components:

  1. Resister 

  2. Inductor 

  3. Capacitor 

  4. Voltage and current source

Basic Laws:

  1. Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL)

  2. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)

Resister -

Resistor is an electrical component which limits and regulates the flow of electric current in an electrical circuit.

where , V- Voltage applied
I- Current flowing through resistor
R- Resistance of resistor