Unformatted Console Input/Output Functions

Unformatted Console Input/Output Functions

  • When we want a function that will read a single character the instant it is typed without waiting for the Enter key to be hit,  getch( ) and getche( ) are two functions which can be used. These functions return the character that has been most recently typed.

  • The ‘e’ in getche( ) function means it echoes the character that you typed to the screen.


  • There is no keyword available in C for doing input/output.

  • All I/O in C is done using standard library functions. There are several functions available for performing console input/output.

  • The formatted console I/O functions can force the user to receive the input in a fixed format and display the output in a fixed format. 

  • There are several format specifiers and escape sequences available to format input and output.

  • Unformatted console I/O functions work faster since they do not have the overheads of formatting the input or output.