1. Software Testers are Not the Most Popular Members in a Project


  • Do’s of a tester:

  • Finding bugs in the software

  • Finding the bugs correctly and in the less time 

  • Make sure that all bugs can be fixed as early as possible.

  • Don’ts of a tester:

  • Don't post the bad news to the developing team earlier 

  • Make sure to double check even though you can't find if  you can inform them.

  • Act like a professional to other team members

  • Control your enthusiasm if you are a tester

  1. Software Testing is Somewhat Disciplined and Technical Profession


  • We can say that it is a disciplined activity because it goes through step by step procedure

  • If we miss one step we may get the test errors

  • We can say it is a technical profession because we are using

  1. sophisticated tools

  2. advanced technologies

  3. rewarding career growth

  • if software is simple and more manageable software testers are untrained,we can't find bugs in the software

  • If we put millions of money on the team we couldn't get a single test error in it.