1. Not all bugs found will be fixed


  • There is not enough time

  • -too few people to code and test

  • -not enough room to left them

  • -must have software in time

  • It is really not a bug

  • It is common that we misunderstood that even if there is no error

  • If we change the user requirements it may results in test errors

  • It is too risk to fix

  • As we discussed earlier it's a risk based exercise we can't fix those problems

  • It's just not worth it

  • We usually don't consider the bugs that occur infrequently

  • Bugs that are appeared in infrequently used features

  • A user can avoid or prevent those bugs.

  1. we can't say that when a bug is indeed a bug
  • If there is some problem in the software,but we can't find the bug in the entire software we can't say that its a bug.


  1. The specifications mentioned by the user should never fail


  • One of the advantage in software field is that software can be easily changed we change the code if required

  • But in other domains it may be impossible

  • Construct a software that is fair and not copied from any of the other previous systems or softwares.

  • Competition is high in the software industry

  • There are so many new technologies that are released everyday in the market.

  • So that our software should be unique to others to succeed.