There are some testing Axioms they are:

  1. It is Impossible to Test a Program Completely


  • There may be a large number of possible inputs.

  • There may be a large number of possible outputs.

  • There may be different paths to design a software based on users requirements.

  • It is completely based on specifications of the software.

  1. Software Testing is One of the Risk Based Exercise


  • If you test the software completely it increases the cost for testing

  • If you leave some aspects in the testing there may be chances of occurring of errors

  • If your skipped part has errors it may cause a risk these risks includes:

  • Financial loss,security loss,money loss or loss of a life! We can't predict the type of risk.

  • If you test too little of the software,the probability of software failure may increase.

  • Software testing takes so much time.


  1. Testing cannot show the absence of bugs


  • We can't guarantee that a software has not bugs

  • In every software there may be minute bugs that may be visible or invisible.

  • Can you guarantee that there are no bugs?

  1. The more bugs you find ,the more bugs there are


  • May be programmers sometimes have bad days

  • If you try to fix one bug,there may be chances of gettings some other bugs

  • Usually programmers make some mistakes in overflow that may lead to new bugs. 

  • We will take care of these things when you are testing a software.