Process,in the software engineering domain,is the set of methods,practices, activities, policies,standards,procedures,documents that software Engineers use to develop and maintain the software system and its associated artifacts ,such as test plans,projects,design documents,design manuals,and code documents.

  • Testing is generally defined as a group of procedures that are used to evaluate some aspects of a piece of a software 

  • Testing can be described as a process used for revealing the defects in a software and specifying the quality of a software with respect to selected attributes.

  • Testing relates to two other terms they are verification and validation. 

  • Verification is defined as a process or phase to know whether the products of the given development phase satisfy the conditions that are imposed at the beginning of the phase.

  • Validation is defined as a process or phase in a software system to know whether the product satisfies the specifications during the entire software development life cycle. 

  • Testing as a process has:

  1. Economic aspects.

  2. Technical aspects.

  3. Managerial aspects.

  • The Economic aspects are related to thereality  resources and the time required for the software developers to develop a project on the given time.

  • The Technical aspects are related to the techniques,methods,tools and measurements used to ensure that the software under test is defect -free and reliable as possible for the conditions and constraints under which it must operate.

  • The managerial aspects comes under the an organizational policy for testing must be defined and documented. 

  • Testing must be planned ,testers should be trained ,test process should have associated quantifiable goals and that can be measured and monitored.

  • Testing as a process must be evolved to a level where there are mechanisms in place for making continuous efforts.