A test case is the practical thing it  contains 3 parts there are:

  • Set of inputs

  • Execution conditions

  • Expected outputs

Set of inputs:

  • These are the data items that are received from the external sources that may be hardware,software or a human.

Expected conditions:

  • There are some conditions that are required for running the test.

  • They may be required databases,required configuration and a hardware devices

Expected output:

  • Before testing we have a clear idea about the output of particular test case so that at the end it 

  • needs to produce specific results by the code under test


  • A test is a group of test cases or a group of test procedures.

Test Oracle:

  • Test oracle can be said as a document where we can write the test cases based on our 

  • requirements we have to test whether the test has been passed or failed.

Test Bed:

  • A test is an environment where we can have the hardware and software that can be used to test the software system.