Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Group

The software quality assurance group is a team of people with the necessary training and skills to ensure that all necessary actions are taken during the development process so that the resulting software conforms to established technical requirements.

  • The group is also involved in measurement collection and analysis,record keeping,and reporting.

  • The SQA team members participate in reviews and audits ,record and track problems,and verify that corrections have been made.

  • They also play a role in software configuration management.

  • Special type of review called audit is usually conducted by a software quality assurance group for the purpose of assessing compliance with specifications,and/or standards,and/or contractual agreements.

Software Testing Principles:

  • A general or fundamental law or an assumption.

  • A rule or code of conduct.

  • The laws or facts about the working of an artificial device.


  • Testing is the process of exercising a software component using a selected set of test cases, with the intent of 

  • Revealing defects,and 

  • Evaluating quality


This principle supports:

  • Testing is an execution based test to identify the defects in the software.

  • The separation of testing from debugging is required since the latter thing we do is to identify the defects to repair the software.