• ​​​There are some Quality attributes they are:

  • Correctness,reliability,usability,integrity,portability,maintainability,interoperability,testability.


  • The degree or measurement that the software performs the given functions


  • The degree to which the given system or software to perform its intended functions under thegiven conditions and the given time.


  • Relates to the degree of effort needed to learn , to operate, to give input and to extract output from the software system.


  • Integrity is the systems ability to withstand to both the accidental and intentional attacks


  • It is the ability of the software that can be able to transfer from one environment to the other Environment.


  • It is the effort needed to make changes in the software.


  • The effort needed to link one system with another system.


It can be expressed in the following two ways

  • The amount of time needed to test the software to ensure that it is performing according to specified requirements or not.

  • The ability of the software to reveal defects under the given testing conditions or the test cases.

  • some softwares are tested in a way that the errors or defects are hidden during the ordinary testing conditions.

“Testers must work with the developers,analysts,designers throughout the software development life cycle system to ensure that testability issues are addressed.”


  • It can be defined as a group meeting whose purpose is to evaluate a software artifact or a set of software artifacts.