Testing must be repeatable and reusable.


  • if the test case is reusable it would be easy for other developers to understand it and make changes to it.

  • and also it reduces the time needed to create the test cases.


Testing should be planned


  • testing is successful when we plan it thoroughly  starting from the requirements phase to the end of the testing phase. 

  • otherwise we will miss the quality of our software product that we are working on.


Testing activities should be included in the software development life cycle(SDLC)


  • As  we discussed earlier in the axioms it should be must to include the testing in the entire software development process

  • otherwise it would be difficult to us to know where the errors might come from

  • may be the errors may come from the requirements phase that passes throughout the code 

  • if it is the case we backtrack to every phase and we try to find errors

  • this would be difficult for the programmers.