1. Oversight:

  • It is one of the sources of defects.

  • Due to the less time for finishing a project or having less number of resources like coders,developers etc may cause this defect.

  • Due to the stress of being completed on time the software developers may omit some cases without proper testing.

  • These may result in the origin of defects.

  • Or else he might think that he did the correct thing at that particular point due to oversight.

  1. Transcription:
  • The software engineer might know what to do and how to do it.

  • But he makes some mistakes while coding or testing.

  • These may be because of lack of education or being oversight.

  1. Process:
  • It is necessary to follow a particular process  when we are developing a software product or anything else.

  • Some times the process used by the software engineer misdirected his/her actions.

  • Impact on software artifacts due to sources of defects:

  • These may cause errors to the code.

  • Results in faults also known as defects.

  • And results in the failure of the software.