Now the most important principle is 11

Testing is a creative and challenging task


  1. Following are the difficulties and challenges that are included :

  2. A tester must have comprehensive knowledge on the software engineering disciplines

  3. A tester have knowledge from both experience and from education on how the software is specified,designed,documented and tested.

  4. A tester may have knowledge on the types of faults and where they might occur in the code document.

  5. 4.A tester needs to reason like a scientist and propose hypotheses based on the defect types that he faces during the testing process.

  6. 5.A tester need to have familiarity and good grasp of the software domain that they are working

  7. The experience may come from educational,training and work related experiences.

  8. A tester needs to design and record test cases for running tests .

  9. A tester needs to create and document test cases .To design the test cases the tester must select input from a very wide domain . 

  10. familiarity with the domain is a must.

  11. in the process of testing a tester must allocate proper resources.

  12. A tester needs to execute the test cases and he is responsible for recording the results.

  13. A tester needs to learn to use tools and keep focused on the new technologies.

  14. A tester needs to analyze test results and decide whether it would be successful or not,this involves enormous understanding of the detailed information of the particular code and domain.

  15. Tester may also be required to collect and analyze test related measurements.

  16. A tester needs to work and cooperate with requirements engineers,designers,and developers,and must establish a working relationship with clients and users.

  17. A tester needs to be educated and trained in the specialized area and often will be required to update his/her knowledge on a regular basis due to changing technologies.