Myers Approach:

  • He compares the role of the tester as the role of the doctor.

  • Testers as doctors need to have knowledge about possible defects(illness) in order to develop the defect hypothesis.

  • They use these hypothesis to:

  • Designing of test cases.

  • Designing of test procedures

  • Assemble test sets

  • Select the testing levels for appropriate testing.

  • Example:unit and integration testing.

  • Evaluating the results of the test.

"A successful testing approach will prove the hypothesis is true,that is,the hypothesized defect was present,the software can be repaired."

Defect Classes:

  • Based on the phase in which the defects are categorized as 4 types:
  1. Requirements/ specifications defects.

  2. Design defects.

  3. Code defects.

  4. Testing defects.

  1. Requirements/Specifications Defects:
  • Since many requirements and specification documents  are written using a natural language representation.

  • Here,the defects may arise because the requirements and specifications are written in the local languages ,some people may not understand the document clearly.

  • These may arise ambiguous,contradictory,unclear ,imprecise and redundant requirements.