1. Goal 1: Establish a software test organization;

  2. Goal 2: Establish a technical training program;

  3. Goal 3: Integrate testing into the software life cycle;

  4. Goal 4: Control and monitor Testing;

  • In this phase testing is no longer considered as a phase after coding , testing is integrated throughout the entire software development life cycle.

  • Here, test planning begins at the requirements phase and continues throughout the software development life cycle supported by a “ v-model”.

  • Test plans are established with respect to requirements based on the user needs, and these are used for test case design.

  • Entire testing process is monitored whether it is going according to the plan or not and actions are taken if any deviations occurred.

  • Basic tools are used for the testing process and it is visible in the organization.

  • There are no formal review programs that are not yet taken in this phase also.