• In this chapter we are going to briefly study the defects and their origins.

  • Defects may originate from different places throughout the software development life cycle.

  • Here we are studying the defects and how to solve those raised defects by using different approaches.

  • We are mainly focused on defect sources,origin for defects,Impact on software aircraft,Impact from users view.

  • We are going to discuss these things one by one.

Origin of defects:

  • Defects have detrimental effects on software users.

  • Even under the best of development  circumstances errors are made,resulting in the defects being injected into the software during different phases of the software life cycle.

  • These may cause as we said earlier these decrease the quality of the software product we are developing.

  • These may come from the requirement specification and resource allocation phase to coding and testing and sometimes until the debugging phase.

  • These may be handled if we have proper knowledge on the domain and the software engineering disciplines.