Impact from users view due to sources of defects

Impact from users view due to sources of defects:

  • The users are the main point for the success/failure of the software product.

  • If we meet their requirements our software may look like a huge success converse is also the same.

  • This may result in the poor quality of software.

  • And user dissatisfaction.

  • Testers goal is to discover these defects preferably before the software is in operation.

  • One of the ways we do this is by designing test cases that have a high probability of revealing defects.

How do we develop the test cases?

  • The software testing is an experimental activity.

  • The results of the test experiment are analyzed to determine the behavior of the software whether we get the desired behavior of the software or not.

  • In this experimental activity a tester must develop a hypothesis .

  • Based on the hypothesis he designs the test cases.

  • The test cases are designed and the results are analyzed to prove the  hypothesis or disprove the hypothesis.

  • Based on these hypotheses we might find some defects in the software.