pMOSFET Small SIgnal Model

pMOSFET Small SIgnal Model

In the derivation of the pMOS small signal model, the direction of current change as the voltage applied is reversed in polarity.

In other words, the small signal model of pMOS is the same as the small signal model of nMOS.

Figure 25 shows the small signal model of a pMOS transistor.

Figure 25: pMOS Small Signal Model

How do nMOSFET and pMOSFET differ

  • The mobility of electrons in nMOS is higher than the mobility of holes in pMOSFET.

  • pMOSFET has low current driving capability than nMOSFET

  • pMOSFET has lower transconductance than that of the nMOSFET

  • nMOSFET has comparatively higher output resistance than that of pMOSFET

  • nMOSFET provide more ideal current sources than that of the pMOSFET

  • nMOSFET have higher gain when used as amplifiers compared to pMOSFET

  • pMOSFET devices are less susceptible to interference than nMOSFET devices