MOSFET - N Type MOSFET Operation

The N Type MOSFET consists of the MOS capacitor connected between the Source and Drain regions. 

Such type of circuit is shown in Figure 13, the figure also shows the bias connections made.

Figure 13: MOSFET along with BIAS 

Now let's apply VGS which is greater than the Threshold voltage discussed earlier. When such a voltage is applied the inversion layer is formed between the Source and Drain, this is called an inverted channel.

This is shown in Figure 14.

Figure 14: Formation of Inversion Layer

The electrons can flow from the Source to the Drain using the inversion layer as channel.

It may be noted that the Source terminal and the Body terminal are connected together. Here it may be noted that both the terminals are connected to Ground. Similarly the Drain is also connected to the Ground at present.

Because of this it may be noted that the inversion layer (channel) is uniform between the Source and Drain.