Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

Introduction to Operational Amplifiers

  1. Basic MOSFET Differential Pair

  2. DC Analysis of Differential Amplifier Circuit Configurations using MOSFET

  3. AC Equivalent Circuit of Differential Amplifier Circuit Configurations using MOSFET

  4. Differential Amplifier with Swamping Resistor and Effect of Swamping Resistor

  5. Introduction to Current Sources

  6. Current Sources using FETs

  7. Widlar Current Source

  8. Wilson Current Source

  9. Voltage Sources and References

  10. What are Operational Amplifiers

  11. OP-AMP Pin Diagram Circuit Symbol and Terminals

  12. Ideal Differential Amplifier

  13. Equivalent Circuit of an Ideal Op-Amp

  14. Block Diagram of Op-Amp

  15. Internal Schematic and Working of IC741C

  16. OP-AMP Parameters Part 1

  17. OP-AMP Parameters Part 2

  18. OP-AMP Parameters Part 3

  19. Comparison of Ideal OP-AMP and IC741C

  20. Voltage Transfer Characteristics of Ideal and Practical OP-AMP

  21. OP-AMP Configuration - Open Loop

  22. OP-AMP Configuration - Closed Loop

  23. Virtual Short and Virtual Ground Concept

  24. IC 747

  25. Problem Based on OP - AMP

  26. Instrumentation Amplifier - Block Diagram and Characteristics

  27. Logarithmic Amplifier using Diode

  28. Voltage to Current (V to I) Converter

  29. Current to voltage converter

  30. Voltage to Frequency Converter

  31. Frequency to Voltage Converter

  32. Active Filters: 2nd Order Active Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Band Reject Filters

  33. Examples Based on on Non Linear Applications of OP-AMP

  34. Introduction to Switch Capacitor Filters