Basics of Antennas

What is antenna?

  • Antenna is the base of transmission in any wireless device. It plays the key role in transmitting important information from satellite to base station or home. Antennas are used to transmit as well as receiving signals just like our human body has ears and eyes for reception and brain for transmission. 

  • An antenna (also known as an aerial) is a device that converts electrical energy into radio waves and vice versa. It's frequently used in conjunction with a radio transmitter or receiver. A radio transmitter sends an oscillating radio frequency electric current to the receiver during transmission.

  • Antenna's terminals, and the antenna transmits the current's energy as electromagnetic radiation. Swells (radio waves). An antenna intercepts some of the power of an electromagnetic wave in reception. In order to produce a very small voltage at its terminals, which is then applied to an amplified receiver. Antennas are required components of every radio-based equipment. Below are some pictures of some commonly used antennas in Figure 1;


Figure 1. Commonly used antennas