Audio Processing

  • Speeches for primary form of communication between human according to information theory speak can be represented in terms of its message content or information an alternative way of characters speeches in terms of signal carrying the message information.

Discrete-Time Speech Signal Processing

  • Discrete-time speech Signal Processing can be loosely defined of the manipulation of sample to speech signals by the digital processor to obtain a new signal with some decide properties consider an example of changing the speaker articulation rate with use of a digital computer notification of articulation right sometimes referred to as Time Square modification the new wave form will be faster or slower than the original right but main ST character of the speaker voice that is maintained pitch 

  • Speech from human lives is a container of time a form and is passed through an a 2D converter to obtain discrete time signal which is under two digital computer discrete time Signal Processing is then applied to obtain a modified signal the modification is performed based on each fraction model and 30 different how articulation right change occurs the resulting modified discrete time signal converted by to another Way formed with the help of D to a converter after the timescale modification cannot be performed assembly by changing the speed of tape recorder because this change of the pitch and spectrum of each.

Why Digital Signal Processing techniques are used in speech signal processing

  • Digital processes are highly Speed low cost low power consumption

  • extremely sophisticated Signal Processing functions can be implemented using digital techniques

  • digital system for variable and very compact integrated circuits Technology can advance to the state where extremely Complex systems can be implemented on a single chip

  • logic speeds are fast for that tremendous number of computation can be implemented in real-time Atlee speech sampling errors

  • speech signal in digital form can be multiplexed with other forms of theatre

  • speech in digital form can be readable transmitted power knows this channel with the help of suitable coding

  • communication pathway at the level of communication and idea is performed in the mind of speaker the idea is to transform 2 words Phrases and sentences according to the grammatical role of the languages acta psychologica level of communication the brain creates electrical signal corresponding to the idea that move around the motor nervous these electrical signal activate muscles and the walk attract and the vocal cords the movement of vocal tract and vocal cord results pressure changes within the vocal tract and in the particular changes within the lippes initiating the sound wave that propagate in space the sound wave propagates through the space of the chain reaction among their particles result in a pressure changes at the ear canal and the vibrating the eardrum the vibration of the eardrum induces electrical signal that move along to the Brain the brain at the listener performed speech recognition and understanding

  • he lipstick and psychological activity of the speaker and listener can be thought of the transmitter and receiver respectively the transmitter and receiver system how other functions besides Paisa Communications in transmitter there is feedback from the year which allows monitoring and correction of one phone speech the receiver performs voice recognition and robust in noise and other interferences. 

Analysis synthesis based on speech production and perception

  • speech signal initiating from speakers leaves is an log nature which are transformed into discrete time signals for understanding of which production we build engineering models of our contract and the vocal cords produce sound waves.

  • consider the below figure the shop model of power production Innova production air is most from the lens by the contraction of muscles around the lung cavity. then flows through vocal cords crossing periodic vibration of the Gods who prayed is the pitch of the sound. the resulting periodic parts of air act exam excitation input to the vocal tract. the vocal tract is the cavity between vocal cords on the lips. the contract actress Rasna that is Patali shapes the periodic input. from the above speech production mechanism we can build a Engineering Model referred to off the source filter model. the same that your contract is a linear time invariant system with the period impulse vibration of the input. then the pressure route put at the leaves is the convolution of periodic preparation and vocal tract impulse response and therefore it is also periodic. this is the simple model of a study state over. a popular oven for example in the word father is is 14 mins out of 42 funny aunty build different production model.

  • a typical speech at runs consists of train no power and confident phonemes of temporal and spectral characteristics change with the time corresponding the changing of Exide. and work. there are four sounds of speech are not always well presented by linear time invariant system.