Advantages of sensor and Transducer

Advantages of sensor and Transducer

  • Transducer need a very small power is required for controlling electrical and electronic system

  • The output of the transducer is always in the electrical form from 4mA- 20mA or 0-5v in the range.

  • The electrical output of the transducer, we can amplify at any desired level and we can use it further process.

  • The transducer is available in a compact size and shapes so easy to installed it    

  • The output of the transducer can easily indicate and recorded

  • remotely at a long distance from the sensing medium.

  • The output of the transducer can easily be modified to meet our

  • process requirement for indicating and controlling the equipment.

  • The transducer electrical signal can be easily conditioned either in the form of analog or digital form with the help of some appropriate electronics arrangement.

  • In the electrical transducer there is no moving, wear and tear part.

  • In the transducer, there are no mechanical failure exits.

Disadvantages of Transducer

  • The electrical transducer is a little bit more expensive than mechanical transducers 

  • While we design the circuit the effects of aging and drifts of parameters of active components must be considered. This makes the design complicated

  • It has low reliability.

  • In some transducers, accuracy and resolution are less compared to the mechanical device and transducers.   

Application of sensor and Transducer   

  • The main use of transducers in the automation industry.

  • It can use in the medical equipment and biomedical field to measure body parameters like ECG, EEG, etc.

  • A transducer can be used in the antenna to convert electromagnetic waves into electrical signals.

  • Trandcuer in the defance system and equipements.

  • The transducer is used in small toys.

  • It is used in the prediction of weather conditions.

  • The transducer is used to measure the temperature, pressure, flow, and various physical parameter.