Introduction to Signals

Introduction to Signals


  • Signal is one type of information in the form of sound or image or data. If you are reading this information, here the data type of signal is there. If someone is watching a movie then it is a combination of voice and visual signal. In electrical engineering voltage, current, power are examples of signals.
  • Here are examples of signals. Signals are not only used in electrical engineering but lots of signals are part of our daily life, some of the examples are here.
  • First, fig. shows the ECG signal of a healthy person. This figure explains the application of signals in the medical field.

Example of Signal: ECG of a healthy person

Figure 1:Example of Signal: ECG of a healthy person

Example of Signal of Stock Market

Figure 2:Example of Signal of Stock Market

  • Another example of the signal is shown in Fig 2 which shows the signal of the stock market having Sensex varies from 1991 to 2011.