Advantages of Power Electronics

Advantages of Power Electronics

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum reliability

  • Size reduces and less weight

Application of Power Electronics

  • Power Electronics is used in almost all the equipment wherever the efficient power conversion is required. Major applications are presented below:
  1. Commercial Application: Air Conditiooner, lighting System, UPS, Elevator

  2. Domestic Application: Refrigerator, AC, Personal Computer etc.

  3. Industrial Application: Pump, Compressor, Induction Heating, Welding Equipment etc.

  4. Aerospace Application: Aircraft Power System, Satellite etc.

  5. Telecommunication: Battery Charger, Power supplies

  6. Transportation: Electrical Locomatives, Bttery Charging System For Electrical Vehical

  7. Utility System: Static VAR Compensation (SVC), High Voltage DC Transmission (HVDC), Fuel Cell, Energy Storage System etc.

Power Semiconductor Devices

  • Power semiconductor devices are playing vital role for the design of power electronics equipments. These are used as a switch.


Power Diodes

  • Diode is a 2-terminal PN junction semiconductor device with terminal anode (A) and Cathode (K).

  • P-N junction is formed by alloying, diffusion and epitaxial growth.

  • Uncontrolled device.

  • Current Rating: 1 A -Several thousand A

  • Voltage Rating: 15 V -50 kV

When anode is made at higher potential than the cathode , the device is said to be forward biased and a forward current starts to flow from A to K.

Switching Characteristics of Diode:

  • Various categories of Power Electronics Converter

  • Different types of PE converter are presented below: