Advantages of digital circuits over analog circuits

Advantages of digital circuits over analog circuits

What are the advantages of the digital circuits over the analog circuits?

  • The digital circuit is extremely precise.

  • The digital circuit produces a more dependable digital signal than analogue signals.

  • Signals represented digitally can be delivered without degradation owing to noise, unlike analogue circuitry.

  • Digital circuit components, which are very cheap and easy to fabricate in numerous components on a single chip, can utilise digital signals.

  • Allows signal transmission over a long distance.

  • Over extended distances, digital signals preserve their quality better than analogue signals.

  • Analog signals carry less information per second than digital signals.

  • Because digital components are inexpensive, digital signals are used to build digital circuits.

  • Analog circuits are more difficult to build and are more expensive.

  • Faster digital signal