Why You Should Learn Android Development and Its Benefits

Android Development

In this blog I am going to give you a brief knowledge about Android Development and gradually I will get towards advanced things,like the installation of android studio application, How to use android studio, Creating small applications on it. Etc. This blog will have various information based on its topic or chapter name. I will tell you the benefits of learning android development in the IT industry, what are the average and high salaries in this sector in India. This blog will have accurate and true answers to all your queries and doubts. I can relate because I am a student too, So it is easier for me to understand you.

Why You Should Learn Android Development and Its Benefits-

  • are wrong, learn android development properly with some good projects and a bit of experience, and they will hire you for sure. 

  • Honestly, You should learn Android development Only if you are interested in development, if you have interest in the development sector of computer science, then it is the best thing to learn, in this current period, because Android development is in demand in India as well as foreign. But honestly If you are expecting a great package then after learning this apply foreign for jobs to countries like USA, Canada, European countries Etc. In India there is a great demand for android development but there are too many developers in India. The packages in India are way lower than packages in foriegn countries, even in product based companies which have a branch in india. So try applying abroad and If you think it is tough to crack then, you 

  • And students have doubts about learning IOS development or Android development. So let me tell you if you are thinking about it with respect to money or package, then let me tell you that both are the same in India. IOS developers are like big grocery stores, which have apples whose price is 100/- , and only one customer buys in a day. And on the other hand Android development is like a local fruit seller which sells apples at a price of 20/- piece and only 5 people buy it in a day.

  • So they both are making the same money with different ways and marketing strategies. But the demand for android is more in India, because India loves cheap things. 

  • So you can learn any, it's your choice. This blog is about android development so I will teach you that from scratch. And you will learn it for sure. 

  • The android industry is greater and can change every 2 months but in IOS it changes after 2 years that too it's an awfully minor change. If you have got an excellent idea for an app, you'll create it and publish it on the play store or maybe sell your idea to a MNC. who will invest in your idea and app, this you'll be able to neutralize IOS development too, but the app store has many restrictions and desires a awfully secure application to publish within the app store. So developers find it very difficult to publish their app on the app store. I'm not defaming IOS, I'm just telling what I see and hear from experts and developers.

  • If you're a student viewer from college, and need to push into product based companies as a developer, then practice on your development skills and therefore the most vital is DSA (data structures and algorithm) . This is often the foremost important part for cracking good product based companies in India and abroad. Practice good questions of DSA and master it, you'll get good questions on your website https://ekeeda.com/ start practicing it today.

  • If you're from a tier 2 or tier 3 college, during which only a few companies come for recruiting and incorporate a low average package then you ought to definitely start doing DSA and android development early and at fullest, don't rely upon your college placements. And as i told you India doesn't have an excellent package for developers, but if you prepare hard and acquire into good product based companies like google, adobe, Microsoft, etc. Then you´ll have an excellent package needless to say. And if you wish to figure abroad then start applying in companies from your 3rd year. last their career page and see vacant positions and see if it matches your profile, make a beautiful Resume on one page so it is selected by the corporate HR.

  • And students nowadays are only puzzled over doing tech internships in companies and startups. i feel don't run after internships and money, till your 20´s only run after developing new skills, try learning new things. I will be able to facilitate your making money within the future.

  • I think we've diverged from the subject, it's become a philosophical blog. Never mind let's return to our topic

  • Android development, first i'll tell you ways to put in android studio in your laptop or pc, both in windows and linux. So let's start.

How to Install Android Studio in Windows-

  • The official integrated environment to develop Android applications is Android Studio. Google supports this application. it had been operated with Java within the beginning but was replaced with Kotlin on May 7th May 2019 now Kotlin is employed. But still java also wants to create android applications. Android Studio version 3.6 has these features-

  • Gradel-based build support

  • UI components will be created by drag and drop features within the layout editor.

  • Common Android designs and components are created by Template-based wizards.

  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform enabling integration with Firebase Cloud Messaging (Earlier 'Google Cloud Messaging') and Google App Engine.

  • Lint tools to catch performance, usefulness, version compatibility, and other problems.

  • Now let's head towards minimum requirements to download and install Android Studio. This is often the foremost common question asked, I assume. People think you want a really high end laptop or PC to use Android Studio. Yes it takes an oversized space of Ram but still, it can run on normal laptop and PC too.

  • Now let me tell you the minimum PC requirements for Android Studio.

  • Before Installing Android Studio these features are important.

  1. Operating System- Windows 7,8,10 Bit-64 bit or 34 bit

  2. Random Access Memory (RAM)- Minimum 4 gb to eight gb

  3. Free space - Minimum 2 GB and 4 GB recommended.

  4. Minimum Required JDK Version - Java Development Kit (JDK) 8.

  5. Minimum Screen Resolution - 1280 * 800.resolution

  • These are the fundamental requirements, if you have got these requirements then you're good to travel.