What is Hypothesis

What is Hypothesis?

Hypothesis is an assumption that is made on the basis of some evidence. This is the initial point of any investigation that translates the research questions into a prediction. It includes components like variables, population and the relation between the variables. A research hypothesis is a hypothesis that is used to test the relationship between two or more variables.

Characteristics of Hypothesis

Following are the characteristics of hypothesis:

  • The hypothesis should be clear and precise to consider it to be reliable.

  • If the hypothesis is a relational hypothesis, then it should be stating the relationship between variables.

  • The hypothesis must be specific and should have scope for conducting more tests.

  • The way of explanation of the hypothesis must be very simple and it should also beunderstood that the simplicity of the hypothesis is not related to its significance. 

Sources of Hypothesis

Following are the sources of hypothesis

  • The resemblance between the phenomenon.

  • Observations from past studies, present-day experiences and from the competitors.

  • Scientific theories.

  • General patterns that influence the thinking process of people.