What is Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security

The Need of Cyber Security:

What is cyber security?

  • The electronic data network has turned into a basic piece of our regular routines. A wide range of associations, like clinical, monetary, and training organizations, utilize this network to successfully work.

  • They use the network for gathering, processing, storing, and sharing huge measures of computerized data. As more advanced data is accumulated and shared, the insurance of this data is turning out to be much more indispensable to our public safety and monetary steadiness.


Cybersecurity is the continuous work to safeguard these networked systems and every one of the data from unapproved use or mischief. 
On an individual level, you want to defend your character, your data, and your processing gadgets.
At the corporate level, it is everybody's liability to safeguard the association's standing, data, and clients. At the state level, public safety, and the security and
prosperity of the residents are at stake.

Your Online and Offline Identity:

  • As maximum time is spent online, your identity, both online and offline, can influence your life. Your offline identity is the individual who your loved ones cooperate with consistently at home, at school, or at work.

  • They know your data, like your name, age, or where you live. Your online identity is the kind of person you are in cyberspace. 

  • Your online identity is the means by which you introduce yourself to others online.

  • This online identity ought to just uncover a restricted measure of data about you.

  • You ought to take care while picking a username for your online identity. The username should exclude any private data.

  • It ought to be something fitting and deferential. This username shouldn't lead strangers to think you are an easy target for cybercrimes.


Your Data:

  • Any data about you can be viewed as your data. This individual data can interestingly distinguish you as a person. 

  • This data incorporates the photos and messages that you share with your loved ones online. 

  • Other data, for example, name, social security number, date, and spot of the birth, or mother's family name, is known by you and used to distinguish you. 

  • Data like medical, educational, monetary, and work data, can likewise be utilized to recognize you online.

  1. Medical Records

Each time you go to the specialist's office, more data is added to your electronic health records (EHRs).
The medicine from your family specialist turns out to be important for your EHR. Your EHR incorporates your physical health, mental health, and other
individual data that may not be medically related. 

For instance, in the event that you had directed as a kid when there were significant changes in the family, there will be someplace in your medical records.


Other than your medical history and individual data, the EHR may likewise incorporate data about your loved ones.
Medical gadgets, for example, wellness groups, utilize the cloud stage to empower remote exchange, stockpiling, and show clinical data like pulses, circulatory
strain, and blood sugars. 

These gadgets can create tremendous clinical data that could turn out to be important for your medical records.

  1. Education Records

As you progress through your education, data about your grades, your participation, courses taken, degrees compensated, and any disciplinary reports might be in your education record. This record may likewise incorporate contact data, health and vaccination records, and custom curriculum records including individualized education programs (IEPs).

  1. Business and Financial Records

Your monetary record might incorporate data about your pay and consumption. 
Charge records could include, financial records, your credit score, and other financial data. 
Your work data can incorporate your previous business and your presentation.

Where Could Your Data be?

  • This data is all about you. There are various laws that safeguard your privacy and data in your country. Yet, do you have at least some idea of where your data is?At

  • the point when you are at the specialist's office, the discussion you have with the specialist is recorded in your medical chart. 

  • For billing, this data might be imparted to the insurance agency to guarantee fitting billing and quality. 

  • Presently, a piece of your medical record for the visit is likewise at the insurance agency.

  • The store loyalty cards might be a helpful cash-saving tip for your buys. In any case, the store is ordering a profile of your buys and involving that data for its utilization.

  • The profile shows a purchaser buys a specific brand and kind of toothpaste routinely.

  • The store utilizes this data to focus on the purchaser with extraordinary proposals from the showcasing accomplice. By utilizing the loyalty card, the store and the promoting accomplice have a profile for the buying conduct of a client.


  • When you share your photos online with your friends, do you have any idea who might have a duplicate of the photos? Duplicates of the photos are on your gadgets.

  • Your companions might have duplicates of those photos downloaded onto their gadgets. Assuming that the photos are shared freely, outsiders might have
    duplicates of them, as well. They could download those photos or take screenshots of those photos.

  • Since the photos were posted online, they are additionally saved money on servers situated in various regions of the planet. 

  • Presently the photos are not generally just tracked down on your figuring gadgets.