Packet Tracker

Packet Tracker

Packet Tracker

  • Packet Tracer is a thrilling network design, recreation, and modeling tool that permits you to foster your skill set in networking, online protection, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • It empowers you to model complex systems without the requirement for committed equipment. It is utilized across various courses to help create and survey the skill set fundamental for effectively getting done with the tasks.

  • In this section, Packet Tracer is acquainted and directions are given to permit you to download and install it.

Overview of Packet Tracer

  • Packet Tracer is an inventive network recreation and representation tool. This free software assists you with rehearsing your network design and investigating skills through your work station or an Android or iOS-based phone.

  • Packet Tracer is accessible for both the Linux and Windows work area conditions. With Packet Tracer, you can decide to construct a network without any preparation, utilize a pre-fabricated example network, or complete study hall lab tasks.

  • Packet Tracer permits you to effectively investigate how information crosses your network. Packet Tracer gives a simple method for designing and assembling networks of shifting sizes without costly lab equipment. While this product isn't a substitute for rehearsing on physical routers, switches, firewalls, and servers, it gives an excessive number of advantages to overlook!

Download and Install Packet Tracer

Students normally use Packet Tracer to:

  • Plan for a certification test.

  • Practice what they understood in networking courses.

  • Improve their abilities for a new employee screening.

  • Inspect the effect of adding new innovations into existing network designs.

  • Fabricate their skills for occupations in the Internet of Things.

  • Contend in Global Design Challenges (investigate the 2017 PT 7 Design Challenge on Facebook).

  • Packet Tracer is a fundamental learning tool utilized in numerous Networking Academy courses.

To acquire and install your copy of Packet Tracer follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Networking Academy "I'm Learning" page.

  • Select Resources from the menu in the upper-right part of your screen.

  • Select Download Packet Tracer.

  • Select the rendition of the Packet Tracer you require.

  • Save the record to your PC.

  • Send off the Packet Tracer install program.

  • After installation, close and restart your internet browser.

  • Send off Packet Tracer by choosing the fitting symbol.

  • When incited, utilize your Netacad login data to validate.

  • Packet Tracer will send off and you are prepared to investigate its highlights.