Object Oriented Programming- A Concept Driven Study

Let’s Get The Basics Done

  • Object Oriented programming is a computer programming methodology, and  a modeling technique based on two major concepts of Classes and Objects.

  • Why we refer to methodology here, is because we solve real world problems based on these methodologies using functions/ methods in any of the specified programming languages like java,C++ or Python.

  • Why it refers to modeling  is because we enhance any real world problem into some data which can have some attributes or behavior. So, Engineers like you, while framing any problem statement should conveniently be able to arrange that amount of data into an structured format and perform operations on it while coding.  

  • This Approach in programming is well suited for problems that require an abundance of the data, problems which are complex or have to be maintained continuously throughout the software development cycle.  Please note that here we are talking about development of even a small problem in a code to solving a whole of startup ideas.

The Main Parts of Object Oriented Programming-

  • In General, Object Oriented programming or (The OOP’s) is built using two major concepts of classes and objects but not all the problems can be solved using these two concepts. There are few of the new concepts evolved while developing the new era of coding using Objects. These are also the new concepts developed while using project oriented programming Approach. Let’s read about them firstly with an introduction and then we will discuss those topics in detail.

classes in general defined as a collection of groups of objects which is not a physical entity and does not have any physical existence in the real world. We can understand about examples with just these examples.

  • For Eg-1) If I ask you like, Have you ever seen a human? You would probably say yes, but have you ever thought that there is no existence of humans as a physical entity in this world? You may have seen Indian people, American people, African people,  they all belong to a class of people called “Humans”. But in reality there is no existence of humans as a physical Entity.

  • For Eg-2) Let’s Take an Example of Vehicle, Have you ever seen a Vehicle? Well you might think yes I have, but in reality when people talk about vehicles, They talk about buses, cars, bicycles and so on, in reality there is no physical existence of Vehicles,  the above means of 
    transportation can be all together clubbed into vehicles, so you see there is no physical existence of the Vehicles.