Need of Object Oriented Programming

Need of Object Oriented Programming

Due to various limitations of the procedural programming languages, object oriented programming is preferred which offers the following features:

  1. The accidental data damage is avoided as it is accessed by the function of the respective class only.

  2. The emphasis is on data or objects.

  3. The bottom-up approach of program design.

  4. It can precisely model the real world problems.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

OOP features make it useful for the programmer as well as the user. Following are the benefits of using OOP:

  1. Code reusability conveniently allows us to build the modules from the existing classes.

  2. Higher productivity is ensured when using OOP as every time it's not needed to build the code from scratch.

  3. Data hiding feature of OOP  lets the programmer build secure code.

  4. Message passing techniques makes the communication between objects easy. 

  5. Inheritance allows for coexistence of the multiple objects.

  6. Complex software development is easily manageable with the modular approach of OOP.