Chapter 1 Summary

Chapter 1 Summary

  • This chapter made sense of the highlights and qualities of cybersecurity. It made sense why the jobs for cybersecurity experts will just keep on expanding.
  • The chapter makes sense of why your own online identity and data are exposed to cyber criminals. It gives a few hints on how you can safeguard your own online identity and data.

  • This chapter likewise examined organizational data: what it is, where it is, and why it should be protected. It made sense of who the cyber attackers are and what they need.

  • Cybersecurity experts should have similar abilities as cyber attackers. Cybersecurity experts should work within the limits of the local, public and global regulations. Cybersecurity experts should likewise utilize their abilities ethically.

  • At last, this chapter momentarily made sense of cyberwarfare and why countries and states need cybersecurity experts to assist with safeguarding their residents and materialistic properties.