Chapter 2 - Index

Chapter 2 - Index

Chapter 2

Attacks, Concepts and Techniques:

2.0  Introduction

2.1  Analyzing a cyberattack

2.1.1  Security Vulnerabilities and Exploits  Finding Security Vulnerabilities

2.1.2  Types of Security Vulnerabilities Categorizing security vulnerabilities

2.1.3  Types of Malware and symptoms  Types of malware  Symptoms of malware

2.1.4  Methods of infiltration Social Engineering  Wi-Fi password cracking  Phishing Vulnerability Exploitation

2.1.5  DoS and DDoS DoS DDoS

2.2  The Cybersecurity landscape

2.2.1 Blended Attack What is a blended attack?

2.2.2 Impact Reduction What is impact reduction?

2.3  Summary