Application Areas

Application areas

Genetic algorithms are applied in the following fields:

  • Transport
    Genetic algorithms are used in the traveling salesman problem to develop transport plans that reduce the cost of travel and the time taken. They are also used to develop an efficient way of delivering products.

  • DNA Analysis
    They are used in DNA analysis to establish the DNA structure using spectrometric information.

  • Multimodal Optimization
    They are used to provide multiple optimum solutions in multimodal optimization problems.

  • Aircraft Design
    They are used to develop parametric aircraft designs. The parameters of the aircraft are modified and upgraded to provide better designs.

  • Economics
    They are used in economics to describe various models such as the game theory, cobweb model, asset pricing, and schedule optimization.

Limitations of Genetic Algorithms

  • They are not effective in solving simple problems.

  • Lack of proper implementation may make the algorithm converge to a solution that is not optimal.

  • The quality of the final solution is not guaranteed.

  • Repetitive calculation of fitness values may make some problems to experience computational challenges.

 The Basic Structure of Genetic Algorithm is as Follows