Introduction to Html

Introduction to Html

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the most preferred languages for front end development. Combining HTML, CSS and JavaScript we find the holy grail of front end development.

In this article, we will focus on the basics of HTML.

Introduction to HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language. Contrary to popular belief, HTML is not a Programming language, instead it is a markup language that is used to provide structure to the web pages that we wish to create.

HTML provides a basic framework to websites that are then displayed on www. (world wide web). HTML is simple for beginners and provides a strong foundation for a front end developer.


Presently HTML5 is being widely used although there are older versions that might still be in use. We will be focusing exclusively on HTML5 in this series of articles.

With HTML5 we can create website structure, and forms, integrate images, create lists and much more. We will be covering everything from basic definitions to essential tags and


This string of articles has been crafted keeping in mind that the individual has absolutely no prior knowledge regarding HTML and CSS. The knowledge of HTML and CSS is curated for absolute beginners from head to toe.


To begin with, learning HTML will require two things, firstly a text editor like sublime text, visual studio code, etc and a web browser like google chrome, safari, brave etc.

The text editor will be your workspace for writing HTML code and the web browser will show the output.